Park Street launched a publicity campaign with the theme of "Tighten the 'Civilized Rope' and Be a Civilized Dog Keeper"

Civilized dog raising is an important manifestation of a city’s civilization. In order to further improve residents' awareness of civilized pet keeping and create a clean, orderly, safe and harmonious living environment, on October 31, Changqingyuan Community of Gongyuan Street launched a publicity campaign with the theme of "Tighten the 'Civilized Rope' and Become a Civilized Dog Keeper". Promote civilized dog-raising knowledge through multiple channels.

At the event site, community workers popularized knowledge and precautions about civilized dog raising to dog owners in communities and squares, and distributed promotional materials on civilized dog raising. At the same time, they will work with the police to check dog licenses and vaccination status, inform residents to keep their dogs on leashes when walking their dogs, proactively avoid special groups such as children, the elderly, and pregnant women, clean up dog feces in a timely manner, and jointly maintain the environmental sanitation of the community.

In the next step, Changqingyuan Community of Gongyuan Street will widely mobilize residents to participate through various methods, further promote civilized dog breeding, and guide residents to establish civilized concepts, strive to be civilized citizens, and display a civilized image.



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