Gongyuan Street in Zhangdian District launched a home-based publicity campaign of "Garbage Separation, Civilized New Fashion"

Although garbage is small, it is related to civilization. In order to advocate the concept of green ecology, further promote garbage classification work, and improve residents’ awareness of garbage classification, on October 27, Zhangdian District Park Street Organization Grid Members and garbage classification supervisors launched a household garbage classification promotion activity for residents in the area. . This garbage classification publicity campaign has completed more than 100 households, distributed more than 100 copies of promotional materials, and used practical actions to help garbage classification.

  "I didn't know how to classify before, but now I have learned the knowledge of classification and know what recyclables are, what kind of garbage belongs to paper towels, and batteries should be thrown into hazardous waste." Aunt Zhang, who lives in Xiyuan Community, said. By learning the knowledge of garbage classification, residents can more clearly understand the specific classification of garbage in the process of social practice, and learn to proactively classify garbage in their daily lives. Through this garbage classification publicity campaign, their understanding of garbage classification has been strengthened, and the concept of green environmental protection has been further rooted in the hearts of residents.

Popularize the knowledge of garbage classification, improve the public's awareness of environmental protection, comprehensively promote and implement garbage classification and treatment policies, and build a green, environmentally friendly, harmonious, and conservation-oriented home. Protecting the environment and caring for our home is a small step for garbage classification and a big step for health and civilization. Garbage classification starts with me.



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