[Civilized Practice in the New Era] Gongyuan Street in Zhangdian District carried out the "Golden Autumn Sending Health" health promotion activity into the community  

In order to popularize the knowledge of healthy living, advocate the concept that "everyone is the first person responsible for their own health", and provide health services for "one old and one young", recently, Qisaiyuan Community and Shangyuan Community, Gongyuan Street, Zhangdian District relied on the "Golden Autumn" "Sending Health" Autumn Community Games actively carries out health promotion activities.IMG_258

Qisaiyuan Community combines fun sports, free health clinics and projects to benefit the people. It carries out more than ten sports such as rope skipping, shuttlecock kicking, and table tennis, and provides free clinics for dentistry, ophthalmology, and otology, as well as free haircuts, sales of agricultural products, and other projects to benefit the people. . Shangyuan Community has scientifically designed competition events based on the characteristics of different age groups: young, young, middle-aged and old. The student group has a fun sprint competition, the youth group has a "walking" competition, and the elderly group has a "Ba Duanjin fitness tap exercise" activity. Meet the differentiated health needs of community residents. During the activity, community workers and grid members preached health and wellness knowledge to residents, guided them to treat life in a healthier and scientific way, and improved residents' health awareness.




This activity not only stimulated the enthusiasm and initiative of residents to participate in physical exercise, but also allowed residents to learn health and wellness knowledge and created a positive and healthy sports atmosphere.

In the next step, Park Street will continue to carry out free clinics, health knowledge promotion and other activities to enhance the health awareness and self-care awareness of residents in the jurisdiction, and guide everyone to establish a healthy and civilized lifestyle and concepts.

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